Tell Her You Love Her

“Have you ever found it perplexing that we have been all the way to the moon and back but we struggle to have a conversation with a person sitting across in a train.” Jay Shetty

Tell her you love her.

Tell him you’re grateful to him.

Tell them how big of a difference they made in your life that one night last December when you didn’t even realize how badly you’re crying out for someone to make a difference.

Buy a stack of thank you cards for $5 from Amazon and 10 stamps for for $4.90 or steal a few sheets of paper from your local library.

And write.

Let 10 people feel appreciated for the low price of $10.

Don’t wait until he passes away to praise him. Don’t wait until she is sick to let her know how much you care.

Life is too short. Life is too fragile. Life won’t wait.

You shouldn’t either.

Say it now.

Start the letter with ‘Dear’. Or, if you don’t feel like that’s appropriate, just their name.

Fill the page with one sentence. With one paragraph. With one picture.

Sign your name. Or Anonymous.

Just let them know.

Maybe writing a letter seems like a lot of commitment. I get that.

For those of you who are scared of that, there’s texting and Facebook messages and email.

Where all it takes is ‘compose’, and ‘send’ and a few thoughtful movements of fingers in between.

If you’ve reached that stage in your relationship, tell her how much light her smile adds to your day.

If you haven’t reached that stage, maybe don’t share because that can be weird and awkward.

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(I think a lot of times, I’m weird and awkward).

Tell that acquaintance that she popped into your mind and you just wanted to say hello.

Tell that kid that you met in camp 4 years ago that you’re thinking of him and hope that he’s well.

Tell that guy that you dated that you enjoyed meeting him, even if you guys aren’t for each other.

Tell that random security guard how big of a difference he made when he made sure you got home safely that one night.

Think of that one person said what needed to be said or did what needed to be done and tell her what that meant to you.

Just say something.

Because you never know when someone will be touched by your thought.

When someone needs to know that someone knows that they exist.

You never know what a difference that small ‘thank you’ or ‘hello’ or ‘you’re awesome’ can make.

You never know when a short message of appreciation can piece together a broken self-esteem, improve a day, give birth to a grin.

When a text can give someone the motivation and energy and confidence to continue.

Thank you’s are necessary for more than gifts. I love you’s are needed for more than marriage. You are worthy’s are useful for more than therapy.

So Write. Call. Text.

Just say something.

Tell your mom that you value her. Tell your father that he means more to you than he knows. Tell your son and daughter that you’re proud of them. Tell your friends, your family of choice, that you would choose them over and over again.

Because she, he, they might not be perfect. But they are wonderful.

So, tell her that you love her.

Because she deserves to know.

And I promise you, she’ll appreciate it.