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I Didn’t Write An Article Today

I have a commitment to Hevria (and to You) that I will write an article every 2 weeks.

And I take my commitments very seriously.

Which is how I ended up writing this article that explains why I did not, in fact, write an article.

I don’t want to say I didn’t have the time.

Because “I didn’t have time,” is just an excuse.

Truthfully, I had time.

I just spent it doing something else.

Every single one of us has 24 hours in a day. No exceptions.

The question is what we choose to do with our time.

What we prioritize.

Because, we all have to prioritize.

We have to prioritize everything.

We have competing voices calling our name.
Screaming it.
Drowning out all other sounds.

These things tap on our shoulder
Pull on our sleeve
Take our face with two hands and turn it until we are facing them.

Our work, our education, our romantic interests, our parents, our children, our friends, our hobbies, our home repairs, our sleep.

We have to respond to our emails, our Facebook messages, our Whatsapps, our texts.

We have to put aside time for our mental health, our physical health, our emotional health.

We have to weigh the vital nature of our immediate concerns with our preparations for the future.

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Which brings me to this piece. And why I did not write a Hevria article for today.

Normally, I love writing for Hevria. I make it a priority. I structure my study schedule around my writing. I will often delay sleep for it.

And this week, I wanted to write an article. I really did.

But I wanted other things more.

Saturday night, a friend and I randomly decided to rent a car and road trip down to North Carolina.

Because I have a grandmother down there whose glory is meant to be appreciated.

And because… Friendship.

Over the past few days, I have indeed had time to write a Hevria article.

I’ve had 72 fully hours.

But I’ve spent that time playing scrabble with my friend and grandmother instead. And shopping for food. And cooking that food. And eating that food.

Because sometimes, you have to put aside things that are urgent for things that are significant.

And you have to differentiate between important things, and Important Things.

And though spending a few days bonding with the people I love may not get me any acclaim, or be at all noteworthy…

It was the most Important Thing I could have done.

So, I’m sorry I didn’t write an article today.

I hope that you’ll understand.