Improve Your Life Through Being Judgmental

Hello there, friend. Troubles got you down? Is life a little more challenging than you’d prefer? Well, have I got an amazing cure-all for you! And it’s really easy to do.

Simply cast your tired, world-weary and frustrated gaze at someone else and let the judgement flow.

Why do you think the Mommy Wars are so robust? Because nothing takes the edge off of your inability to stick to a coherent bedtime routine like judging someone else for what they are or are not feeding their kids!

And it’s not just in the realm of parenting that this can apply. This technique can be used on literally any area of your life. That’s right. Your job, your marriage, friendships, communal life – it’s amazing how widely applicable this is.

Instead of coming to terms with your own inability to appropriately express your emotions in a relationship, just compare yourself to someone whose relationship is even marginally more dysfunctional than your own and BAM! Instant self-esteem boost. Don’t be shy to assume that you know what’s really going on under the surface, you got this.

The possibilities are endless, and statistically speaking, you are definitely doing a better job at some part of life than at least one other person. Just keep at it and I know you will find that special someone, or someones, who will always make you feel better about yourself.

There’s a couple different techniques, so find the one that best suits your needs:

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Deep-seated insecurities and tricky personal failings are best countered by finding a specific target to judge. Focus on just one person, and over-analyze their every move until you are capable of jumping to incredible conclusions based just on their tone of voice. This is the most helpful for personal hurts and pains that you want to escape from.

If you are looking for a more general pick-me-up, I suggest focusing on large groups of people. Political affiliation, level of religious observance, ethnic groups, different generations (those millenials, am I right?), etc. Make a generalization based on something you read online, preferably an op-ed, and feel the righteous indignation burn. You are so much better than them! Good for you!

This is also helpful when faced with unwanted and unpleasant criticism. No one loves being told that they’re doing something wrong, so if you find yourself in that position, just turn it right around on the person who is criticizing you! They’re not perfect, either.

Employing this widely-used technique is sure to get your mind off of whatever troublesome work you need to do on your own life. Join the millions of people who do it every day and feel the relaxation flow!

WARNING: Side-effects may include bitterness, cynicism, the inability to see the good in anyone, oppressive negativity, missing the point of a satirical piece, not knowing when to actual be judgmental with good cause, loss of friendships.

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash