Hospital Guests

When I was lying in my hospital bed
Joy tried to visit
She ran down the hall
High heels clicking
On the linoleum
Bracelets jangling
A large bag
Full of candy
And magazines
The nurse told her to leave
She was too loud
The candy was too sweet
I was too sick
Maybe a different day
Then came Hope
Her sneakers
Barely tapping
On the tile
A small book
In her brown
Paper bag
The nurse didn’t even know
She was there
In her silence, Hope
Unlike Joy
Had found me
In the most
Of places

Subway Encounters

You’re sitting across from me
In your green oversized coat
Your headphone wires
Crooked Glasses
Too large of a smile
There is a low hum
A thin buzz
A bee searching for honey
So fine a strand
It brushes against the ear
Like a spider web
You are singing softly
Along with your music
As if it can 
Outlast time