Drinking A Spoiled Smoothie

A few weeks ago. 

I walked into a cafe. 

I was looking for an energy boost before my workout. 

I found a bottled smoothie full of good looking nutrients. 

I purchased it. 

I opened it. 

It tasted sour. 

It tasted gross. 

But I continued to drink. 

Maybe it’s supposed to taste like this. 

Maybe there is a super nutrient that tastes like warm, decarbonized seltzer. 

I continued drinking. 

I can handle the pain. 

If I’m expected to. 

If this is the way one is supposed to enjoy this beverage. 

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Then, common sense kicked in and I asked the cashier if maybe it was spoiled. 

He tasted it.

He gagged. 

He dropped his small paper cup angrily into the waste bin. 


I gingerly threw away my half finished bottle of spoiled smoothie. 

I reached for another smoothie. 

Hoping this one would taste better. 

I took a sip.

This one was fresh and sweet and I finished it in one gulp. 

What would I do without you, oh cashier? 

To show me what is gross and spoiled and what is fresh and tasty. 

Showing me to trust my own palette without hesitating. 

To discard entirely what has already been lost.