2015 year in review

2015: How Was It For The Jews?

This is your year-in-review: A retrospective look at how the year went for the Jews — or as an old neighbor of mine calls us, “the Jewish”*. I focused on world events rather than terrorist attacks on Jews in Israel and worldwide, which is unfortunately an article unto itself.

January 7 & 9: Charlie Hebdo Attack and Attack on Hyper Cacher in Paris


January 18: Alberto Nisman Killed. Cristina Kirchner Avoids Prosecution.


March 3: Bibi Addresses Congress


April 24: Earthquake Hits Nepal. Israel Makes Massive Rescue Effort. Chabad Of Kathmandu Becomes Known To The World.


April 25: Violence escalates in Baltimore Freddy Gray protests. Protesters nationwide are spotted wearing kafiyas and waving Palestinian flags. Young liberals who heard about “imperialism” wholeheartedly embrace the destroy Israel cause. BDS bullshit builds momentum, etc. Because when in doubt, blame the Jews. 

Baltimore riots and BDS

June 19: Danny Gonen killed by Arabs near springs in Binyamin. Hamas issues statement of praise for his killers, kicking off a wave of terrorist attacks on Jews in Israel that hasn’t ended. By December 14, 22 Israelis/Jews were killed, 252 wounded. There were 94 stabbings, 34 shootings, 19 car rammings between September 13 and December 14. 

gonen car

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June 29: Greece Misses Debt Payment; Anti-Semitism Flares Up In Greece Because When In Doubt Blame The Jews

greece golden dawn

August 14: American flag raised in Cuba. 


September 10 and 15: Despite the fact that Iran has clearly stated that it wants to destroy Israel and America, Senate Democrats block Republican resolution to block Iran Nuclear Deal…but IRAN NEVER SIGNED IT. Iran tests long-range missiles on October 11. 


November 13: ISIL kills 129 people in coordinated attacks in Paris. This happens after a sharp rise in anti-Jewish attacks throughout Europe. Jews are the canary in the mine, as usual. 


December 2: A couple of shooters who were maybe affiliated with ISIL kill 14 people in San Bernardino. 

twitter san bernardino

Now I clearly left out quite a few events of the year. It’s not because they aren’t important — I simply have a day job and a baby and couldn’t put more time into this article. HOWEVER: User-generated content is the future, so please add your own events and how you think they went for the Jews in the comments. Together, we can do anything. 

*One time this neighbor told me that he had “seen the Jewish” at a slaughterhouse in New York. According to his observation, the Jewish had three cows: A brown cow, a white cow, and a red cow. I tried to explain to him that the red cow was impossible — if the red heifer existed I wouldn’t have been sitting around talking to him. “No,” he insisted. “They had a brown cow, a white cow, and a red cow. They were doing something about money. They were doing something with the cows” — he meant something like voodoo — “about money. The Jewish have a special power with money.” Jews: Magical since the dawn of Creation. Just ask my old neighbor, a man from Bamako, a city which unfortunately also was attacked by Islamist militants in November 2015.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are public domain photos from Wikimedia Commons.