Joy Is My Moshiach

This morning I am glowing
Everyone tells me so
I can feel it budding up within me,
the shoots and shouts of a new yid
remaking the world with love
Basking in the light around me and
my beams mingle with sunlight in the
clear morning air

Joy is real. Simcha is truth.
No way around this life but deeper and deeper in
Thank you for your love I tell everyone
Thank you for loving me
For letting me in to love you
Let’s be real about how great everything is and
not let lacks paralyze us

I have everything I need
What beauty in stillness
In desire funneled to fuel, fire to building

Retracing a path up north that feel ingrained in my bones
A motion outside that shift the one within
from fire to air to fire to air
I’m beginning to breath fire and
make air burn

Looked into so many eyes these past few days
In my Purim haze I saw truly a soul before me and
before a me got to scream for herself
I managed to reach into a you and say
let me carry your weight
Let me draw the pain from your creamy brown eyes
and promise to love you forever

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And Navah!
Who calls to me from the street and
we can only laugh separated by years and oceans and
yet flesh and flesh
soul and soul laughing together
She’s grown and so have I and
I love her quickly and newly
I bless her to blossom from seed to apple tree
With the sweet water of Torah and
I wonder if she knows why

I think I am loving this world this morning
For my moshaich is at the threshold
and I am prying open my heart door to let him in and
I let him in


Image from Flickr.