A Love Poem for Elul

I see
you standing on the precipice of greatness
I know
you can do it all if you jumped.

Jump into opportunity
sometimes flying feels like falling
sometimes falling seems like you’re standing still
if you close your eyes.

I look
into your eyes and
I see
the world
I know
you’re scared of yourself
I know.

Somewhere along the road
someone told you that your dreams are for naught
someone said that you are just the being you see in the mirror
and you are, if you just use your eyes.

I cringe
as you put your headphones on and pretend no one is knocking on the door
I sigh
when you shiver at the words “congratulations” or “great job”
I know

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Often we focus in Elul on what we did wrong,
sometimes we need to focus on what we didn’t do,
sometimes we need to promise to do more,
not to do “better” at what we already know
let those familiar things turn numb.

I see
you are more than just better
I know
people are like babushka dolls and there’s another bunch of you nested inside.

Purer, cleaner versions of yourself,
someone told you that you needed to hide,
someone said that you need to ignore.

I see you
this year
can I please peak inside?