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Tzvi Kilov


The Day I Became Whole Again

By On December 28, 2017

A tale of doom.… Read More


Why We Eat Sufganiyot On Chanukah

By On December 14, 2017

An oleaginous analysis.… Read More


How Academic Chassidus Isn’t

By On November 30, 2017

A note on the non-academic nature of Jewish mysticism.… Read More


Peace Be Upon You, Traveler

By On November 16, 2017

For those who use the ATM at midnight.… Read More


A Maamar I Do Not Understand

By On November 2, 2017

Words from Cheshvan.… Read More


Cancer the Ineffable

By On October 26, 2017

I wish I could tell you not to swear.… Read More


20 Things I Didn’t Learn In Jewish Day School

By On October 19, 2017

A holey education.… Read More


Stuck Inside of Elul with the Tishrei Blues Again

By On September 7, 2017

Elul is so meaningful.… Read More


The Bar Mitzvah Lesson: A Tragedy

By On August 24, 2017

Hope and despair, twice a week.… Read More


A Pox On Both Your Googleplexes

By On August 10, 2017

Both sides are wrong, because neither sees the whole human.… Read More

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