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Emily Zimmer


Why I Hate The Rain

By On April 27, 2017

There’s nothing romantic about the rain. Throw out the songs and the movie scenes, the poems and the cliché metaphors; Every poets back-pocket go-to. I hate the rain. I hate the clouds and… Read More

Guest Post

How To Get A Room Of Teenagers To Meditate

By On April 10, 2017

Their faces twitched. Their eyes fluttered. So did mine. Everyone's do. I didn't look at the clock, I simply existed in the moment in a room full of young girls, six years… Read More

Guest Post

Disconnecting Our Actions From Our Souls

By On March 27, 2017

I can’t speak, for I fear I’ll say the wrong thing. I know nothing. I’ll never learn anything new. These are the abilities I have and that will never change. I’ll just… Read More

Guest Post

How Performative Utterances Make Us Like G-D

By On March 13, 2017

We are very much aware that G-d created the world with speech, something man is utterly incapable of; isn’t he?… Read More


Why It’s Not Okay To Fall

By On February 26, 2017

Everyone says, "it's okay to fall," but quite literally, society doesn't seem to agree. How come when we trip in the street we get up as fast as possible, hoping no one… Read More

Guest Post

What The Man With The Imaginary Friend Taught Me About Emunah

By On February 6, 2017

While we tend to look down on, or at least pity, those who "see" imaginary beings, perhaps there is something we can also gain from their experience.… Read More

Guest Post

A Recipe For Moon Flowers

By On October 27, 2016

A fictional story about the deep need to be a creator, to bring something real into this world, something that is uniquely ours.… Read More

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