Haikus! Why Not? Hello Again, Fourth Grade!

Asked a friend to choose
Fame, wealth, or eternity.
All she wants is cheese.

Dear Mystical Truth,
Where are you hiding, my friend?
Yes, I suck, but still.

Fourth grade taught haiku
So we could play, think, and grow.
Why not keep it up?

Do I have to be
An adult if I’d rather
Spin around outside?

Can I believe in
God, even if I don’t think
This world feels holy?

No community
No place that feels embracing
Is it me or them?

Why are my haikus
Mostly questions, not answers
Or statements of joy?

I want holiness
But not strict rules or tenets.
Can anyone help?

The rules of haiku:
Paradoxically freeing
Or a verbal jail?

If some person says
My haikus are stupid crap
How much will I care?

Everything scares me
Except when I’m so angry
I forget to think.

We will never know
What someone else sees or feels
But we can wonder.

I should be working
But what is work? What is play?
Where do haikus fit?

I want to escape
Into it, as long as it
Lets me move ahead.

Is wisdom what we
Hide from when we shut off lights
Or turn them back on?

Thanks, Mrs. Rockett
For teaching haiku to us.
I think of you now.

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Too many guns here
Too many horrible storms
But can we find love?

I guess I want God
Proof of purpose, meaning, and

Would I be OK
If it wasn’t proof per se
But still a clear sign?

Most likely not, yo!
I’ve gotten clear signs of hope
And I sit and stew.

Hey, clear is surface
Clear can deceive mightily
Unlike truth that shines.

Haikus are so fun
Try one if you’re doubting me
You will feel so young.

Is feeling young key
To the truth I’ve sought so long
Young and open wide?

How hilarious
It would be if I realized
Haiku is my path.

That’s crazy, of course.
Haiku is not a real path.
It makes me laugh, though.

And if I can laugh
Despite all the pain and doubt
Maybe I am close.

I ask with passion:
Close to what? Please define it.
That’s what I await.

Well, that’s part of it.
It’s not all: I know that well.
“All” would kill my fear.

“All” would turn my fear
To wonder and happiness.
Do I ask too much?

If you say I do
I will disagree with you.
I ask for the world.

Because, hey, why not?
Asking shows gigantic hope.
Without hope, we wilt.