How To Write Exceptionally Well

The secret to exceptional writing,
Is Just…


It comes when you stop fighting
And express that which has been igniting
Curiosity, Fear, Anger, Joy.

What has been striking You.

What has been moving you?
What has been paralyzing you?

Align experiences or emotions or musings or imaginings
With words.

Any words.

Be curious.

Fill the canvas of a page,
With unique blends of shades of hues of
letters and words and stanzas and

Writing is an art form
With which it’s hard to go wrong
If you let it flow.
Let go.

And write.

Shut up the voice in your mind
That tells you
“You Can’t.”

Allow words to grow from your heart,
Fill your mind,
Spill from your pen,
And onto your screen.

It’s a passive action.
A disinhibition of
And fear.

You have something to write about.
We all do.

If you were to speak to a someone honestly
About one topic,
With no repercussions
What would it be?

Write that.

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Write about the future,
The past,
The present.

Write about Them
Or Him
Or Her
Or… her.

You know which her I’m talking about.

Write about what you love.
What you’re proud of.
What you hate.
What you fear.

Write about the last time you went Wandering,
The importance of Wondering.

Write the story that you wish your parents had told you before you went to bed.

Humans are captivated by honesty,

Explode on paper.

Dive in.

Sit down.
Write for 5 minutes.
Give yourself a prompt.
A word.
An emotion.
A memory.

Sit down.
Write for 5 minutes.
Write a letter,
A word,
A sentence.
A poem,
A thought,
A story,
A tribute.

Sit down.
Remember what battle keeps you up at night,
And then fight that fight,
On paper.

(You’ll clean up later).

Just sit down,
And write.

Write like nobody will read it.
And then read it.

You might surprise yourself.