Ten Limericks For Family Life


There always were towels on the floor,
No matter how much she implored.
So she picked up them all,
And bunched them in a ball,
And chucked them right out the front door.


There once was a sock with no pair,
And it never got picked for to wear.
     So after a while
     It got put in a pile
Of other lost socks, over there.


We once had a most epic fight
Over who got to be the most right.
     Some insults were hurled,
     And somebody’s hair curled.
Remember what caused it? Not quite.


There once was a family of boys
Who had some incredible toys.
     It was never enough
    ‘Cause they always played rough
Regardless of their mother’s “oys.”


I heard of a family who ate
Everything that was placed on their plate.
     It was really a neis*
     That they all stuffed their face
‘cause the food really wasn’t so great.



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I knew of a great cleaning crew
Who always knew just what to do.
     But no matter their skill
     Or the size of the bill,
My house always looked like a zoo.


There once was a girl we’ll call Fanny
Who wanted to live close to family.
     But after some years
     And a whole lot of tears,
She moved out of town with alacrity.


There was a judgmental young lass
Who attended a pre-marriage class
     She thought happily
    “That won’t happen to me.”
HA HA HA HA. What a gas.


One time I made such a good dinner,
I really thought it was a winner.
     But my kids took one glance
     And it didn’t stand a chance,
So I sadly watched them all get thinner.


Oh please won’t you listen to me?
I’ve been asking you quite nicely
Well now it seems clear
That to get you to hear,
I’m going to have to get feisty.



Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash