Haiku For Cold Weather

This colder weather
means I can run more errands
with meat in my car.


At least my kids still
get excited when they hear
about wintry mix.


Snow belt ladies are
throwing razors in the trash.
It’s black tights weather.


I miss maxi skirts.
Cold, wet weather makes long skirts
have soggy hemlines.


Wake up in darkness,
serve dinner in the darkness,
thanks, daylight savings.


The Friday night meal
is delightfully early.
Feels like dinnertime.

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But erev Shabbos
is a race to the finish.
Will it all get done?


Long Saturday nights
leave me so much more time to
wash Shabbos dishes.


Down in Miami
they don’t even have a thing
called a coat closet.


Up here in Cleveland,
I have at least seven coats,
and I use them all.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash