Let’s Talk About Stretch Marks

Let’s talk about stretch marks
The squiggly lines that adorn my newly minted body
flags of motherhood
Post-its of creation

Creation is not pretty-
it’s a map made by the blind-
a song by the deaf

A pact between master of the universe and keepers of soul sparks
Lowly keepers

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8 days the male is called into ceremony
being chosen to cut away
make room for that creator –
perfection is boring –
Let me sit in your adversity

Woman too
Have you seen the quote about circumcising your heart –
Not once but every time you meet heartbreak,
and injustice
That is where The Lord comes to dwell
In the canyon
in the squiggly lines of you trying and doing your best
Going back is not an option

And when you slice your heart open every year –
or when the scar bursts – stitches askew
(It hurts like lighting a match in your vagina )
But take the stretch marks as a calling card
A constant reminder of the temple you are
Of the battle you fought and survived
And the loneliness you endured
Take it as a holy marking
You are his chosen one