We Could Be Dancing

We all have a heartbeat,
Rhythm inborn,
Which means
We could be dancing.

Everything in the material world
Is under the spell of its respective shell.

We traverse the darkness.
We’d rather be shattering
The packaging,
Despite the fact that we’re scared,
Because light resides in there.

This universe
Was/is/will be
Spoken into existence.

The open moan,
Alchemized into meaning
By the bite of words,
Restricted by lips, tongue, teeth:
Outpouring and restraint.

We are masters of expansion and contraction.
We all breathe.

Before the jail cell was ever built,
First came the key.

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If we could see our celestial cheering section,
We would know the meaning of liberation,
We would know our souls’ success could not be called into question,
We would know our true nature is vibratory.
We couldn’t hold back from dancing.


Photo taken by Kate Sprout aboard Spaceflight18‘s Spaceship Kaleidoscope.


With thanks for the Torah brought down by the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Reuven Wolf, and David Sacks.