WATCH: “I See You” By Rachel Kann


It is such an absolute treat (and a total honor) to share the video for my Hevria poem, “I See You,” with you, dear reader.

I can’t help but be struck by the timing of it. The “page” version of the poem (aka just the words on the screen,) went live almost exactly two years ago to the day!

It all came flooding back to me. I posted this poem (which had quite a long and storied path to completion even before that,) from Iquitos, Peru.

Peru! On the edge of the Amazon, where I had journeyed to deepen an aspect of my lifelong spiritual quest. I had just finished my time in the jungle, and was back in the city: vibrant Iquitos, preparing to return to the U.S.

It was time to “go public,” to publish, to post the piece here on Hevria.

For so long I have felt this message’s need bubble up to the surface of the earth, break through. Not to be pretentious about the poem itself, or what I personally am saying…the larger sentiment of it.

This poem had its earliest beginnings upon my dearly beloved collaborator Captain Wally Bruce‘s Spacelight18’s Spaceship Kaleidoscope. It was as Cruise Director of the spaceship that so many messages meant for us earthlings came down. This was one of the very most important, I think. And now, it feels like the collective awareness is growing:

The old way is not working. 1D is giving way to 3D which wants to make way for 4D. Linear is giving way to spiral and then spherical. Inclusion over exclusion. The masculine model is giving way to the feminine model.

Friends…SHEKINAH IS RISING, and we can all receive the myriad downloads if we tune in.

Transitions are bumpy…and we are all feeling the turbulence. Goodness knows that the rumbling had reached a fever pitch when almost one year ago (to the day!) I was invited to perform a poem for LA LAW: Ladies Arm Wrestling (an amazing feminist fundraiser brought to you by amazing feminist dynamo visionaries Amanda McRaven and The Bootleg Theater’s Jessica Hanna.)

Remember the context of what was going on a year ago? Of course you do. I invoked the sacred feminine in all its myriad manifestations to rise up…and I shared this poem. And the world was ready to receive it as never before.

That’s when things really started unfolding.

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Another amazing feminist visionary, Ione Butler, creator of Uplifting Content, stepped forward to partner with me in bringing this poem to life in the form of a video as my producer.

She told me she knew the perfect director. She connected me with Jeff Bomberger, and we chatted on the phone. I sent him the words to the poem, and he said he would take a look at them and then get back to me.

No joke—minutes later, he called me back and asked me what I thought the video should capture. I shared my perspective, and then he shared his…which was very in sync with where I was hoping to go…and basically, he had the whole narrative concept for the video storyboarded in his mind already.

And I loved his idea. I loved his approach. Collaborating is the bessssst. He brought such a warmth to the message.

Imagine. I mean, the video could have gone so many different ways…and there is no way I would have rather seen it go than this. His sunshine and narrative strength brought so much light to the work.

And we had the super duper blessing of having Joseph Rhea, in his film debut, costarring with me. And he brought his special sunshine.

And then Dave Lewis, film composer extraordinaire, who creates such beautiful accompanying soundscapes for my work. (He also composed the music for the video for my Hevria poem, What to Tell the Children.) And he brought his special sunshine.

And so here we are, with a poem about the paradigm shifting, the empire crumbling, the sacred feminine rising, and all this sunshine pouring through the cracks in the falling façade!

Well, it is a real treat to meet again at this same time of year, as we enter into Kislev, the month of dreams, and share this video with you, which is all about waking up from the old bad dream, and waking up into the new good dream, where we can envision a future where we are safe and loved and in tune with the cycles of our beautiful Mother Earth.

And then…This video got nominated for a Posi Award from emPOWER Music and Arts.

We are so grateful that our message is resonating! Thank you!


Photo by Jeffrey Bomberger (Still shot from live video for “I See You.”)