WATCH: “Rock the Bells” by Rachel Kann

Beloveds, it is my inestimable pleasure to share my video for “Rock the Bells” with you.

As always with the creation of a poetry short film, it is a massive labor of love and such a thrill to see it come to life.

It was especially exciting to cocreate this video with Jewish Superstar Artist, Hillel Smith, who I was introduced to by Hero of Hevria, and my dear friend, Saul Sudin.

“Rock the Bells” was cocreated with my Haus of Paradise dreamteam beyond. It was directed by lightworker and soul-laborator Brad Cooper, and that awesome musical track was created by genuine rockstar and soul-laborator Atom Smith, of the Gentleman Callers.

This video is the center ellipse of a Venn Diagram of multiple projects/aspects of self, namely, it’s part of my upcoming Spoken Word Visual Album, The Quickening, (coming soon in early 2019!) and my Long-Form Received Text, The Khima Transmission. And also, my dancing life.

The Quickening is, as far as I know, the first Spoken Word Visual Album to exist. Beyoncé coined the concept with Lemonade. Think of this as the “Jewish Lemonade. Maybe “Egg Cream.” Or “Lime Rickey.” What do you think? Ok, ok, I’ll stick with the original title, “The Quickening.” Can’t wait to share this project with you!

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After finishing The Khima Transmission, (a collection of wisdom from the beauties known as the Pleiades Star Cluster, among other names – like “Khima” in Hebrew…) about a week later I was having a talk with a very special woman I’d never met before who, knowing nothing about The Khima Transmission told me she had a message for me from the stars who were saying to “keep ringing the bells and gather the people.” I took the directive and wrote “Rock the Bells.”

And then there’s the dance break. For a few years now, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that I was going to make a poetry video with a pop dance break. They looked at my askance! They nodded and smiled all judgily! They scoffed! laughed! They said it couldn’t be done! I did it anyway. As a tribute to one of my artistic heroes, Alyssa Edwards, we perform the “Haus of Edwards Dance” choreography for our dance break.

Additional funny side story: as I often do for my poetry videos of late, I got a harebrained scheme for the visual without contemplating the physical challenge. Well let me tell ya, standing frozen as a tree with your arms up in the air and held out to the side with your legs crossed? Turns out it’s excruciatingly painful! Who knew? Apparently, lots of people. But did I think that through? No, I did not. So annoying how when it’s your own stupid idea for your own stupid project, you have nobody to whine about it to or to blame but your own darn self! Thought you’d enjoy that bit of foolishness and have a laugh at my expense.

Without any further ado, here’s the video! I hope you love it, and I can’t wait to share “The Quickening” with you in 2019, BzH!

Here’s the lyrics to “Rock the Bells” in case you want to read them…