The Beginning

If you can find stillness,
the jasmine will night-bloom in your direction,
and the breeze
will carry its sacred exhalation of perfume
toward you.

the moon will cascade waves of radiance
drop her silver robes,

You will awaken,
overtaken by a love from within
that asks no permission,

golden particles rising
beneath your skin.

All of existence
longs to be an offering.
Eternity is a constant whisper
wishing to be listened to.

This is the beginning.
This is only the beginning.
Let it in.

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I am using this Emoji Dvar Torah space to awaken the power of the Granny Summit. I believe it is our surest hope for peace. I mean this unironically. Among intuitive women (the ones I speak to at least,) there is a growing global awareness and calling forth to the grandmothers. We need the indigenous female elders from all backgrounds to come together and guide us through this fraught situation in the holy land. And when they come to an agreement and tell us what to do…we should listen.



Photo: Untitled by Elizabeth Hudy