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We Can Be Brand New


Let I/Me/Us/We come awake to this inviolable truth:

We can be brand new.

I follow in the footsteps of King Solomon.
I am for my beloved,
And my beloved is mine,
Hearts intertwined,
I am 10,000 brides on a magic carpet ride
In flight toward the glory of restoration.

Let us be sanctified vessels.
This subtle truth is so elusive,
It slips like water through my clumsy-hearted fingers.

Let us remember
We are fashioned from the miraculous.

We convene in the the star-strewn field of possibility,
In magnificent communion with you,
Guided by consecrated constellations,
Virgin soil beneath our bare feet,
Night-blind and moon-drunk.

Hopeful in our brokenness,
We relinquish the dangerous safety of cleverness.

Rebuild us fearless
In our willingness to know
We know nothing.

We can be brand new.
Let us be love.
Open our fists.
Turn our palms skyward to receive.

We shake off the label of soldier,
Disengage from the non-stop onslaught
Of battles we can’t even understand.

Love-struck, we will fight the good fight,
Warrior-shamans of light in our own right.

Bless I/Me/Us/We with resilience.
Fortify our hearts against opposition.

We teeter on the brink of dazzling emergence.
Allow us to free-fall into the river of brilliance
Flowing unendingly from the depths of divinity
Into Eden,
Into the garden of matter,
Into the field of possibility.

Beatific order from chaos as
We listen to King Solomon:
Look to the ant, consider her ways, and be wise.
Ponder the wondrous waggle-dance of bumblebees,
The impossibly synchronous star-waltz of fireflies.

Reveal our true nature.
We are all divine emanations,
Each of us a blessed letter emblazoned in sacred text.

Made ready, we will shine,
One beautiful moonbeam at a time,
Until the world is bathed in radiant splendor.

Give us the ears to hear the celestial blast,
Give us the eyes to recognize
We were made for creating,
For marvelous coherence.

Oh, glorious conductor of the symphony of us,
The walking wounded
Healers holding onto one another for dear life,
Faithful in our knowing that
The greater the darkness,
The greater the light it precedes.

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Crack our
Selves open.
We will
Cleave to the divinity of dveikut.
Make us mekabel.

Receiving in order to give is the purpose of creation.
Experiencing goodness is what we came for.
We are engaged in ecstatic preparation.
We can be brand new

We have but one true vocation:
To expose our indestructible souls.

Beloved, I/Me/Us/We beg you,
Throw open the windows to our tears.
Immerse us in the mikveh of weeping.

There is nothing as complete as a broken heart.
The more shattered we are, the more whole we can be.

We wail and kiss a fragment of wall,
Dream of rebuilding again.
No suffering is in vain.

Show us the infinite through limitation.
Unwrap the gift of our holy homesickness.
Allow us to climb into your intimacy.

Let us feel the sweet relief
Of not having all the answers.
Let us know yera.

In the star-strewn field where we meet you,
Before the gates close,
Hold us
In a slow-dance ecstatic embrace.
Fill us with emuna.

We can be brand new.

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