Oh Passionate Roots, Who Among You Will Join Me?

Dearly Beloved,

Where are my root vegetable brethren?

The time has never been more ripe for us to come together as amorous warriors.

I wanted to share this live performance of my Hevria poem “Cosmic Carrot: Are You A Gangster of Love?” with all of you, my Hevria family.

It took place on a very special night. It was my (Gregorian) birthday, there was a full moon, and the joy was abundant. It was shot by Duncan Gasiewicz at the glorious lovefest known as Nerdcon: Stories.

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This poem reaches out to connect with you: you, the Hevrian, the unapologetic weirdo, the supersensitive warrior, the “different one.” (We are all “different ones” here…thank goodness…)

This poem asks you to create, which is the mission of Hevria, it is the very meaning of our name…a soul family (hevreh) of creation (bria.)

The best part is that this call has been answered in awe-inspiring ways. Exhibit A: This amazing “Ode to a Cosmic Carrot” created by Hevria contributor Rivki Silver

If you feel inspired to take part in this love revolution through the act of artistic creation and peace and inclusion and acceptance, please feel free to enlist in the Cosmic Carrot Love Army…it’s totally a thing.