In Praise Of Darkness

Alright, Mr. Light Warrior, 
what about this, then?
Have you ever stopped to listen 
to your own dismissive 
and reductive rhetoric?

Ever taken a second 
to contemplate what exactly it is 
you are “warring for” 
as a self-proclaimed “light warrior?”

If you truly 
took inventory,
you’d find
you’ve unwittingly aligned
with the wrongful right
you purport to despise:
same vehicle, new paint job—
the difference is slight.

This “light good, darkness bad”
stance can’t pass the smell test,
hell, it can’t even pass muster:
Under scrutiny,
the truth’ll be 

Your argument 
like a house of cards
under the slightest pressure.

Mr. Light Warrior,
tell me, 
all things being equal,
would you rather find yourself 
in an FBI interrogation room or
a vibey after-hours jazz bar?

Under the harsh glare 
of DMV industrial lighting 
or lounging in a shadowy boudoir?

A fluorescent-lit 
department-store dressing room,
or the forest at midnight 
under a black sky dotted with stars?

A dentist’s office  
or the desert at dusk?

I rest my case.

I mean, sure, 
you’re a “warrior,”
right up until you’re blinded 
by the highway patrol flashlight 
thrust in your face 
as you roll down your 
driver’s side window.

Anything that feels good,
that brings pleasure,
that fosters transcendence,
any of the rad things 
that makes life worth living—
those holy moments 
where we can let go, 
lose ourselves in bliss—
are invariably better 
in dim settings:

Everybody wants to
experience ecstasy,
but I’ve yet to meet anyone 
who wants to get it done 
under a floodlight.

Praise be to the darkness, 
to the mystery,
to the unknown,
to the whisper of infinite possibility
that lies in wait there.

Either way,
say goodbye to the
limitations inherent in 
false binaries—
they’re so last millennium.

We’re entering the 4th 
and then 
5th dimension,
whether we’re ready or not.

And this deceptive illusion
of “darkness bad, light good”
grew inevitably from 
imbalanced valuations,
which are, in fact, patently racist,
and downright misogynistic.

They are rooted in 
warmongering white supremacy
and patriarchy—
and the archeology 
backs this up.

A fish is afforded the privilege
of being oblivious 
to the very water he is swimming in
by virtue of the life-giving power
in which he is immersed.

Mr. Light Warrior, you too have been 
“hashtag-blessed” with the luxury 
of never noticing
the way racism and sexism 
are enfolded in the colonial
brogue of your native tongue.

English is spilling
with none-to-subtle 

Stop being “blinded by the light.”
It is narrow-minded and shortsighted to 
bow to the artificial father-based concept
that light is inherently better than 

Darkness is the is-ness;
the dark matter 
that this universe is made of.

Darkness asks nothing of anything,
while light is dependent on darkness 
for the counterpoint to its very existence.

If ever you are ready,
drop the titles
and the names and the labels—
all the ways your ego tries to 

the inspiration 
that made 
the making.

You were born of this darkness,
of this tzumtzum,
of the sacred womb.

You were born of the drumbeat-thud 
of your mother’s throbbing heart, 
pulsing blood.
Darkness is your home.

From darkness we originate
and to darkness we will return,
merging as one 
with the most ubiquitous 
substance in existence,
humble in its unending 
grace and limitless patience.

If ever you are ready—
the cave’s mouth
awaits you;
the sacred awaits you.

to the awe,
to potential,
to the bedrock, 
the foundation,
the backdrop,
the liminal,
the primacy.

Go even deeper,
enter the sweetness,
go even deeper.

Only from well within
this cavernous midnight

can you see 
how the darkness 
just gleams.


Photo: “Dark Forest” by Joanna Sienkiewicz