The Higgs Field: Each Green Unfurling

Can you imagine the practical grace
in your thoroughgoing pulsation?
The surge of blood toward and from,
the electric whisper of your heart’s continuing?

Do you grasp the implication
of your lungs’ twinned genius?
The expansion and contraction
in eternal pranic tango
with each green unfurling?

The gift of
paroxysms of laughter?

The wonder
that is your stumbling journey?

The elaborate code
of your elegant animal?

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The miraculous machinery
of your is-ness,
if you could witness it,
would knock you to your knees in awe,
raise you to your toes in grateful praise

to the greatness that set the tempo,
made momentum out
of the ineffable substance
our every atom is pushing through.


Photo: Unfurling (2) by Thomas James Caldwell