Forgiveness Is For The Giving

There is a little whisper within you.
It speaks discreetly,
Yet yearns to be heard.

The world is ending
To begin again.

You are your own rectification.
You are your own next generation.

Forgiveness is for the giving:
Round out your harsh angling,
Return eternal.

You have been restored.
Every breath is a second chance.

Make no mistake,
Your daily awakening
Is proof positive of a mercy
Beyond comprehension.

Having been given so much,
What use is there in withholding?

Your heart is a hive, abuzz.
Love wants to spill—
Honey through the floodgates.



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And now…your EMOJI DVAR TORAH! Special Dovid HaMelech Edition:


hevria emoji dvar torah 15 0818

“Sweet to my palate is Your word, more than honey!”
King David


Elul on my mind! Special thanks to Rabbi Jenny Kuvin, David Sacks, Sarah Yehudit Schneider, and Rabbi Reuven Wolf. Your teachings inspire me.


Photo: Sweet, Sweet Honey by Peter Shanks