The Deborah Number (Shirat Devorah)

This Devorah-heart is a
four-chambered thudding,
a coven of buzzing and judgement,
of song and prophecy.

Find her buried beneath the palm tree.
Break ground in the rooted moonlight.

Knock upon the locked entrance.
Rattle that exhumed cage.
Sing her into awakening.

Even the stars have been enlisted
in this celestial battle.

How little brotherly
love can one holy sister subsist on?

This is the question
she does not want to respond to,
despite this, her very existence
is its own expansive answer.

She is a contiguous bee-melody
that dance-hovers divination
above hyssop and eucalyptus.

She whispers,
Nothing is fixed.
With enough patience,
even mountains of limestone
melt into the sea
in the face of unsayable greatness
and infinite divinity.

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It’s physics.
Everything flows like honey,


Art: The Bee Goddess, an original painting by Emily Balivet.
With deep gratitude, it is my honor to share Emily Balivet’s art with you.

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The Bee Goddess by Emily Balivet © 2013