Chanukah Rallying Cry

In the beginning was the beginning,
But before the beginning,
Something had to set the universe spinning:

Holy will, divine drive, sanctified desire.
The ignition that lit the undying fire
That predates fire.
The light before
The dark before
The light.

Let loose the Ohr HaGanuz,
The purest and most sacred seed of creation,
The flame above
Each Lamed-Vav
Glimmering in the window of eternity,
Brazenly, for all the world to see.

I am conjuring Team Shekinah,
I bring forth a fresh allegory,
Who’s ready for revolution?
Can you do it?

Let your eyes adjust to this midnight,
But only momentarily,
Just long enough to see
That this imprisonment is illusory.
We are stuck in the hard stone darkness,
Only trapped because we believe ourselves to be.

This is your invitation to
Escape the cave without petitioning the caveman
For his consent.
I assure you,
If you await his permission,
You’ll die in there, and for what?

Who is your authority?
Whose approval do you truly seek?
How do you define progress?
What is your idea of success?
What is advancement?
What is acceptance?

Let us exit the cave’s mouth,
Step out into the sunshine.
Your sparkle’s presence is requested.
Do the impossible simply because it must be done.

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Praise the unexpected blessing,
The removal of all wiggle room,
The airless death chamber of Galut,
The eradication of all doubt,
The power of no choice but to act,
The life-giving energy of righteous resistance.

Be your own Yehudit.
Declare your heart’s borders.
Get reacquainted with your value,
Which this exile would like to deny you.
Release your inner high priestess.
Transcend the physical.
Your golden internal immutable divinity
Is limitless.
This glistening cannot be stopped.

You, my dear,
Are a miracle.
Thank your ancestors for their fearlessness.
In their merit, know your nature.
What can contain such gratitude?

This is your In the beginning…
Hallowed volition.
Break the cycle,
Shatter the old pattern,
Move into the new paradigm.

You were created for more than just sating
The transitory cravings
Of those who hunger for your unique luminosity.
Blaze bright.
Be restored,
Raise the stakes,
Resist complicity.

Deprogram your mind and
Draw a line in the sand.
Be inviolable.
Sisters, keep the oil burning in your soul,

You’re worth it.
Practice discernment: you deserve it.
Remember the vessel you were meant to be.
Expel all dimness with the illumination inside you,
Allow me to remind you,
You’re bursting with rushing brilliance,
Filled to spilling.
Infinite riches.

And when the haters label you a princess,
Thank them for the compliment.
Never again be shamed into hiding your radiance.