Birthday Blessing

Darling earthling,
Starchild in the flesh,
I’m in awe of your infinite wisdom.
You’re doing this mortality thing beautifully.
Look at you, breathing.
Look at you, heart beating.
Your rhythm is exquisite.

Give in to this benediction:

I’ve come to remind you
Of your light,
Of the greatness that you emanate,
Of the way that your smile wakes blossoms
From their encasements.

I know that the pain can be great.
You forget that you’re human,
Surrounded by humans,
You let things get more complicated
Than they need to be,
You get afraid,
You act out,
You do that thing;
That thing you do.

I’ve come to remind you
Of your unbounded power,
That you are luminous.

If you knew your value
Beyond measure,
You would never shed another tear.

I’ve come to remind you
That you cannot be forgotten,
That the love that surrounds you
Is astounding,
A dancing force field.

Sorrow is a bottomless hunger,
Stop feeding what
Cannot be satiated.

How innovative
Would it be
To step into your greatness
Rather than play with a darkness
That will not be abated?

May you know the way you’re celebrated.
May you feel the passion that all of existence
Pulsates in your direction.
May you be open to receive the gifts that await you,
If only you will believe that they do.
May you be joyous and gentle
With the treasure of your essence.
May you be kind to your own luscious heart.
May you know
May you know just how lucky,
How lovely,
You truly are.


And now…your EMOJI DVAR TORAH! Special Joy Edition:

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hevria 15 1014

״לב שמח ייטב גהה ורוח נכאה תיבש גרם״

“A merry heart is a good medicine, but a broken spirit dries bones.”

Mishlei 17:22


My birthday is October 15th/19 Tishrei. This is my blessing for you. You are invited to come celebrate with me…Hevria is having a huge party in NYC October 14th, 2015 to celebrate Hevria’s birthday/my birthday/my NY album release for #TheUpwardSpiral/our Indiegogo supporters. Come! Details here.


Hevria.Academy is live, and you can do a poetry workshop with me, starting October 18th, 2015. Register today, space is limited.


Photo: “mystical moonlight” by Paul Noble