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Forgive me,
I have done it all wrong.
In every way that I hoped not to act,
I have failed.

Forgive me,
I love you beyond logic
Where the loudest blossoms shout yellow, pink.
Listen to the fragrance of bloom.
Inhale the whisper of nature.
My lips part for your kiss only.
You know my mouth’s deep intimacy.

This is my long-form farewell tour.
I am but a bank of buttons and knobs
Laid plain for you to press up against.

This is past chest-pounding,
This is specific,
Forgive me
For whispering in symbols while
I watch stars dance between palm fronds.


And now…your EMOJI DVAR TORAH! Special Succot Edition:

emoji dvar torah 15 0930


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Hevria is having a huge party in NYC October 14th, 2015 to celebrate… Hevria’s birthday/my birthday/my NY album release for #TheUpwardSpiral/our Indiegogo supporters. You’d be nutty not to come. Come! Details here.


Hevria.Academy is live, and you can do a poetry workshop with me, starting October 18th, 2015. Register today, space is limited.


Photo: Spring by Chany Crystal, Yuvallim, Israel