Photo of R. Michael Beckwith and Rachel Kann by Diego Reyes
Photo of R. Michael Beckwith and Rachel Kann by Diego Reyes

A Prayer: Our Faithful Leap

Restore I/Me/Us/We to our natural state.

Remind I/Me/Us/We that all we actually do is vibrate:
Mystic atomic shifts,
shiny shattered shards,
peeling off klippot,
sparks of willingness,
beautiful bits of potential.

Allow us to transcend these fleshly packages,
these sweet and frail beautiful body-beings
which are no more and no less than slowed light.

Right the wrongs inside us with your gentle correction.
Let us be pliant and guided,
spirits undivided,
aligned with rightness, joy and harmony.

Permit our distinct uniqueness
to slip into perfect union with one another:
seven billion crystals clicking into sacred mosaic,
un-melted, un-melded, undeniable in all their diversified glory,
each piece definite and desperately necessary,
falling like a lockful of tumblers kissed by your key of divinity.
Penetrate us.
Press against us where we need it,
hit the sweet spot with your sanctified kiss,
your infinite soothing loveliness,
your whisper-wing of prettiness.

Lure us to you,
reel us in,
begin the holy reparation that will only unfold
if—and only if—
we awaken.

We stand before you,
naked in your narrow garden,
wandering through Pardes,
behold our cracked-open hearts.

We return, orbiting back.

Let the linear continuum of time-space
finally reach its event horizon at long last,
let the past kiss the future
in the hallowed present moment,
let us finally reach the finishing line
of this human race,
let us step into grace and amazement
as we curve in on ourselves,

Enfold us in your holy circle of tzimtzum,
hold us in your loving womb,
let the sacred feminine rise,
let Miriam clap her tambourine,
let us join hands,
let us dance,
revolving into spherical reality.
Bring The Revolution.

Let us stand face to face,
Panim el Panim
as we waltz into your Sea of Reeds
split open to receive our faithful leap,
as we heliotrope into your big-bright radiance,
as we sing unto thee in present tense.

Let us all rise.
Let us be worthy.
Let it be time.

Let the sparks fly.
Let us in.
Let us begin.

Let us make ourselves into vessels unbreakable
so that we may receive your everything.

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Let there be darkness.
Let there be light.


And now…your EMOJI DVAR TORAH! Special Rabbi Nachman Edition:

Emoji dvar torah 15 0415

“The Exodus from Egypt occurs in every human being, in every era, in every year, and in every day.”
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


My sweetest friends, I just had to share this piece with you. It’s a classic poem of mine, a prayer I wrote under the moon at the Kotel. Although it has been performed before, this is its print debut. As we journey together through the desert from Pesach to Shavuot, counting the Omer all the way, I knew it had to have its home here on Hevria.

The leap of faith is what causes the sea to split. May we all be brave enough to take the first step and keep on moving, even when we are afraid.

I hope you enjoy this prayer.


Photo with R. Michael Beckwith and myself by Diego Reyes


Here’s a live performance of Prayer at Agape Spiritual Center’s Wednesday Service. This moment represented a huge tikkun on my soul. A great refuah occurred for me quite instantaneously. Thanks to Sheila Nicholls for the invitation.