A Prayer On Behalf Of The Broken Heart

Have mercy on the brokenheart.
She is in a dark tunnel while you tread sunlight.
Stand in awe of her utter humility.
She does not want your pity.

She is a self-winding watch
Worn on the wrist of the Infinite.
Note how the hours continue to go,
No matter the heaviness in her chest.
As the Almighty arm sways,
Her mainspring rides the bridle,
Her chariot swings low.

She calls to you across timespace,
Invoking, Son of what’s-his-name,
Daughter of so-and-so.
She wants to be the looking glass you fall through.
She wants to be the depths you swim to.

Blindfolded and cavebound,
Knocking against doorless rock,
Hollering Marco to no Polo,
She is relentless,
Resplendent in her faith that the answer will arrive,
She is ceaseless,
Wild and measured at once.
She is the antidote.

Bear witness to her outstanding
And unfathomable stamina.
In the face of total lack of reciprocity,
She keeps pattering iambic,
Through one thousand days of oxygenless drought.

She is a bottomless top-shelf gimlet.
She is built of bloody bruised knuckles.

She knows the secret of G-d:
I defy you to name another love more steadfast,
Despite being unrequited.


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Hevria Dvar Torah 15 0722



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PHOTO: “A Broken Heart” by Timmy_L