את / (Eht/Aht)

If this word is made fresh,
then let every alleged blemish be blessed,
each individually kissed
like the exquisite mezuzah it is.

There is a doorway
that all of creation
thresholds its way through
on its way to
the eternal-unfolding-already-was.

Oh, All-That-Is/Infinite,
who whispered this lintel
into existence,
into becoming,

who bears witness
to this living-thing-ness,

who is this lintel,

who is the whisper,
who made the making,
who forms letters out of breath,

who said,
Let this את
contain the whole expanse of it,
the vessel and exhalation.

This is the breath,
this is the mystery,
this one, right here,

this is the Saturn-moon-ring
that surrounds everything,

the embrace of beginning
by ending,

the way the wax
makes love to the wane,

this is the faithfulness
you are held with.

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This poem is a humble and lucky addition to Eht/Aht: a Netivot Wisdom Oracle — a creation by Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser.
Learn more and buy the deck. 

It’s not anyone who could convince me to write a poem on the topic of a word beyond words; a creation beyond creation, poetry beyond poetry. Talk about intimidating! But Ketzirah and her extraordinary Eht/Aht deck…the depth of her wisdom and heart…how could I not try?

To say that I am incredibly honored to have anything to do with this creation — or Kohenet Ketizrah Lesser herself, would be an understatement. I am a huge fan of this woman, what she is, who she is, what she creates, how she moves through this world. She is a true mystic and so darn wise and kind.

You really owe it to yourself to take a dive into the world of Devotaj, Eht/Aht and all things Ketzirah. Her learning, creations and articulation on a great many Jewish topics are deeply inspiring and downright thrilling. 

I feel confident and grateful that my initial involvement in Kohenet was, in no small part a way to bring her, at long last, into my life. (Turns out Divinity had tried before…we worked at the same theatre company yearsssss ago! My contract ended just as hers started…)

Join in the conversation on Instagram: @netivotoracle #netivotoracle
Visit the deck on Facebook.

Enjoy your adventure…and remember…the holidays are coming! Creations from independent artists make great gifts. Buy a deck or another one of Ketzirah’s creations at her Etsy Shop today.

You are also welcome to simply throw money at Ketzirah, or join her Sacred Arts Academy. I am a proud member myself.

Thank you, Ketzirah!


Photo: “Playing Indiana Jones at Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia, Southeast Asia” by Sam Antonio