Rose petals falling from woman hands.

Love Me Gently

Moshiach now
Or something else delicious
my G-d
G-d of my ancestors

If You like
Say something to me

King of the universe
susceptible to impulse,
still so attractive,
suspend briefly
the rules of this exile
for me,
for everyone,
or me,
Your girl, Your little woman,
Your walking universe,
me, the sweetie who loves You

Say something I want to hear
Like the husband you brought me
when earnest I believe him

My G-d,
Creator of my soul,
Surely you know
I want proof of my goodness
something that ascertains:
her innards are a delicacy,
her outside delicious too
if You even twitch
as though to retrieve such proof,
a twitch from You

Or else say softly:

“My discouraging creation,
My girl woman,
not even a little selfless like I designed you,
the musk of your existence…”

I’ll feign incredulity

“You’re all good. Kosher. So good.”


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“This gem I call my lowest world. Delicious mortality.
My wonderland.”

And if you refuse, My G-d,
if you refuse
if this exile impenetrable
even to You,
My husband earnest
will tell
what You Could not

My G-d

I’m very small,
You’re very big,
I’m small small small,
and You,
so big,
You come to me
in natural light
in the viscosity
of lived existence
You touch the tenderest knot in my gut
and I’m a girl again in open sight
mortal and so Yours,
and the pouch in my soul, where I grew my children, is Yours too

I’m owned,
King of the Universe prefers me owned
I also prefer owned
owned gently

My Beloved G-d,
all my expanses are You,
and my livestock eyes You too,
I’m small small small,
You’re very big,
I yearn for the wooing
that establishes my mortality
makes you want
to show Your dimples

But if King of Kings
doesn’t want me big
your girl, you’re treading universe
will turn to another to say

When I come in front of Him,
when I really come to Him,
He’s arrested by my sight,
and the saltiness that gathers on my innards
is delectable
He tells me
dimples and all

All I want is to tickle you,
to my incredulity,
all I desire is to give you pleasure,
breath, little girl woman,
show Me how to love you gently