The Smiling Mortician

Trust in G-d is what
I have to work on
and trust in me is
what G-d’s gotta work on

I try not to fall in love too
easily but you can’t not, everything
has a heart which means it’s
worthy of yours too

My company collects secrets and my
job is to make the people who give them feel loved
Today is my last day
I’m not expecting a breakup card

Ex-sex or even an I’m sorry but
a little earthquake would be nice
everybody freezes in their tracks and grabs someone
dimly aware a piece of floor has been lost

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Tomorrow is the hardest, I’ll sleep in or
get woke by my baby crying like a drama queen
That will be my only job, no distractions but
myself, hers the only heart I need


Title abducted from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “25.” Photo by Funkyah.