Shonda fur die Goyim

dreamed everyone in my office was orthodox and i
disappointed them        not through anything i said
but by not saying enough        being the court buffoon sucks
you dry         eventually you learn to start sucking back

for nazis i’m a great excuse        i have all the money
they don’t        but i am disgusting too
sometimes i walk down the street doing nothing but being
stared at          a stain invisible to

me? something stupid i said? maybe a zipper unzipped that i
didn’t even know exists     no, i just look jewish
everybody secretly wants to pick their nose        so when someone does
we are all of us repulsed

        williamsburg is a town of nosepickers
        boro park is a town of nosepickers
        monsey is nose pickers in the country
        where everybody does it alone in the woods
        and no one sees

        in crown heights nobody picks their nose
        but they run to the bathroom and dig and dig
        like nobody’s business

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my last time at a dance club i was turned
c’mon said the bouncer this isn’t for you
& i knew i’d turned        from weirdo to jew

not that the night
had been taken from me
but that i might take it
from them


photo by Smabs Sputzer.