Having a G-d Complex Is Complicated when You’re Not Actually G-d



Never expected these 5 fingers
could climb me to the roof of the world

Life looks different from 15 stories up
not that you’re high but you’re a little like G-d,
too all-knowing to see anything up close

like how rich people forget
being hungry
and G-d forgets what it’s like to lose
or just never lost

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everybody loves an underdog
but I’d rather be on the top
imagining G-d getting high
giggling at every wildebeest that runs past
Can’t believe I made that

I try to be happy with not too much
settling for a sunset when I get there
and embracing the stupid
when I find it in myself

my mistakes can’t be corrected
the best and worst thing I can say
is that they’re mine

much as I try to change it
I’m only human