G-d’s Little Obstacle Course

I believe in G-d today
and I think it’s making me less clumsy
I stop to notice the patterns in everything
now that I’ve given up the excuse
of chaos

flower petals
the bunching together of eyelids
of girls who look at me
and crap

especially crap
laid out on the sidewalk
like an obstacle course
a rhythm and reason to its fall,
impossible to avoid
all trying to catch my feet
no way to get around all of them

without staring at the sidewalks
watching every step
at the communication between brain,
muscle and ankle
we are robots too complex to be
left to chance,

a mechanic I have to believe in,
movements so seamless
you’d never notice
unless you tried

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Steve Jobs said
the iPod won’t be completely successful
until you don’t think about having one,
you just know
that you do

I think Maimonides said
the same thing at some point

A girl I knew once told me
it’s cool that I’m religious
I’m not religious, she said
I’m just spiritual

Years later I want to say
I’m not religious
I’m just observant

Image by Alexas_Fotos