Fingers intertwined over a black background.

Hands Untangled

It’s not about the win, we never win.
It is about the constant back and forth.
The anguish hurt and pain that I cause You
and You always seem to cause me.

But I love You so much and so hard,
it hurts my weak and shriveling body,
to feel something so powerful, and alive.

In this breaking world your light, it overwhelms me
when it is concealed in all its disguises.

When your name falls into my hands,
sometimes it is too heavy I can not hold it.

But why?

When my hands are just a reflection of your name.

The Hay, my five fingers on the right and five fingers on the left,
the Vuv is my spine that holds me up, you hold me up…

But how can I stand in this world when all it is
is too many revelations misread.

But I love You and You love me,
and when I run to you, and my heart races,
and my breath is almost out of this oxygen tank we call a body,
I sit.

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I sit and I listen to You breathe your breath into this world.
Constantly forming every single being,
every inanimate and animate object.

Everything I see and don’t, you are enlivening it all.

All your worlds You live in, how is that okay for me?

When I don’t know when You are coming home…
It is okay.

I accept You for all You are, and that You are accepting me,
falling in love with me every single day
and every night when you cradle me into bed.

How charming.

When you shake me and wake me up
with Your sweet old morning breath that whispers
“I want you here next to me today.”

I am so thankful there is no other way,
that you chose me to hold the key to your heart,
that You decided to paint this piece of art.

A boy, You. A girl, Me.
Dancing in a rain shower falling back and forth
next to one another never letting hands untangle.