rear view of young woman in the sunset enjoying the free moment of walking in nature, feeling relaxed and carefree in wilderness area.

Desire Of Desires

Rock of Israel,
They call you the Iron Dome
Shepherd of all life
They call you Mother Nature
Healer of the sick
They call your craft –
An anomaly.

I can bear no longer
To hear you blamed,
To see those who hope for you, be shamed,
To see men act as though your very existence
Were some illusory invention of the desperate soul.
I can no longer bear,
To watch you stand back quietly
as the secret benefactor
While your work is misappropriated
Your wisdom plagiarized,
And you, ignored.

What have we done to you,
Oh Rock
Have we made of you a Being,
who must be appeased?
Have we framed you solemn and strict,
One we had better heed?

They speak of you
With shields of erudition
and in third person,
Telling us about you,
but never making the introduction –
Beloved, are you not there, listening too?

They speak of your glory
And tell of your wonders,
They talk in mysteries
And riddles and winks
Oh Knower of secrets,
Can I come in too?

They tell us: “Believe”
Yet coax us: “Achieve”
But the question persists,
Where can I find –

Oh, Healer of the brokenhearted
Your people are but
One man, with one heart
Part sleeping, part woken,
Not shattered, but broken

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Have you left us, are you far away?
Have you gone to sleep for winter
Are you waiting for the dawn?

Where is your crown,
Oh King,
I have placed it on many heads but Yours,
I have looked around to see what ‘they’ have done
But where am I?
I have fallen far from your ideals
I have not been true
To who I am
Or You
I have not felt my pulse in sync with Yours
Not felt your pain
Nor had compassion for my own.

But I come bearing softness,
With eyes wide open,
and smiling with hope,
And ask you
For a glimpse of how you weave
the threads of destiny;
I offer you my melody,
The glitter in my eyes
At that beloved time
When secrets are revealed.

I sing
At the time of Your desires
Your desire of desires,
I sing into the night
And serenade your will
to make the world
And let us dwell in it
I sing to weave the threads with you
And sew man with heart together again
I sing to heal the hiddenness.

Oh, One who chooses song,
Sing with us again
Pile our songs on your mountain of prayers
For they are but a prayer;
Sprinkle us with stardust
And rose petals and light,
Gallop fast on your horse,
Cheer us on,
For our work has been hard, but not impossible,
Teach us your warmth, your grace and conviction,
Teach us to shatter the locks of constriction,
Laugh with us, play with us,
Dance with us, stay with us
Remember your dreamers,
Your jesters, smile-beamers,
Those who spread joy, and courage, and hope
Remember your artists, and your not-so-artistic
And paint for us a new world this year, again.

Adore us, and let us know your adoration –
For that is the greatest healing.

Hidden One,
Reveal Yourself,
For the cry of our ram
is too a song,
Higaleh na, higaleh na,
Yitgadal V’Yitkadash,
Shemei Raba