Readers Take Over Hevria: Vote Now!

A few days ago, we asked you, the readers, to take over Hevria and become our editors.  We’ve received all your suggestions, and we’re so thankful we received so many.  You people are super cool and so creative.  Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

A few notes: First, we weren’t able to include all suggestions.  Some were a bit too broad (more like theme suggestions than topic suggestions), some were a bit more like opinions than open-ended suggestions. But we did all we could to include the topics you suggested.  We also had to simplify the wording on some suggestions for brevity, but if chosen we will try to stick to the spirit of the suggestions.

Please vote below!  You can pick as many as you want.  The beauty of this poll is since there are so many writers that most suggestions will be used (yay!).  And the options are shuffled for each voter so that the top ones don’t get more votes.

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Okay, go for it!  Voting ends tomorrow, so please vote/share ASAP.

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