Neshamas Share More Stories Of Abuse

This week continued to be intense on Neshamas. Along with several more #MeToo stories, our writers shared stories of feeling alone, confused and unloved.

Me Too… And I Almost Wasn’t One Of You was a particularly heartbreaking post. In it, a Neshama tells how she was first introduced to Judaism by a man who severely sexually abused and manipulated her.  And, yet… she continued on her path to conversion.

In Yichud And #Metoo a Neshama who has been sexually harassed protests the idea that dressing modestly will protect women from being abused.

In I’ll Be Back, Baby, a Neshama who was abandoned by her husband talks about her painful marriage and how it would be easier if her husband just doesn’t return.

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In Will I Fall In Love With My Wife, A lonely Neshama tells about the pain of being married to a woman who does not show him any affection.

Find these stories and many more stories by our anonymous writers on Neshamas.