Sad woman standing beside the grunge wall. Black and white retouched image.

Neshamas Seek Hope

This week Neshamas tried to find hope in situations that often felt hopeless.

In Frum Outside, Void Inside, a young woman struggles with her secret disconnect from the Chabad community.  She worries that, because she feels so different from others, she will never find a husband who understands her.

In Damaged Neshama, a writer worries that their Neshama is being harmed when they allow themselves to give in to their animalistic tendencies.

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And, in Suicide Of A Different Kind, a Neshama describes a lifetime of verbal abuse and neglect that was difficult to categorize, but hugely destructive nonetheless.  She urges those considering having children to make sure that they can provide a safe, loving household to avoid having their children grow up with the trauma she experienced.

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