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Neshamas Share Their #MeToo Stories

This was an emotional week on Neshamas.  Many writers were empowered by the #metoo campaign to share personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse.  The conversations were sometimes difficult, but always meaningful. We are especially grateful to all of you brave Neshamas who participated in these important discussions.

Me Too is a painful story of how a Neshama was manipulated and abused by an older man beginning from when she was a young teenager.

Not Me Too  was a controversial post from a Neshama who has suffered years of abuse from a family member.  Her pain was so deep that she did not want to join the #metoo campaign because she felt like sexual harassment and rape should not be put under the same hashtag.

There were many people who were upset by the Not Me Too post, as they felt that it invalidated other’s experiences.  One Neshama responded by writing her own post, Yes Me Too, A Response in which she details her own tragic experiences of being abused, but also affirms how important it is to validate everyone’s pain and not compare one experience to another.

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Men Too! was a reminder that men can also be victims of sexual abuse.  In it, a Neshama shares a story of  being forced into an unwanted sexual experience.

Finally, Never Again… Me Too was the story of a Neshama who had been through a series of horribly abusive situations, and still felt sure of Hashem’s love for her and confident that her future would be bright.

These were only some of the many deeply personal stories our brave Neshamas shared.  Thank you all for your insightful comments and support while we struggled through this difficult topic.