portrait of a young woman who hid her face in her hands and weeps

Neshamas Find Strength In Hashem

This week Neshamas confronted some deeply troubling issues.  Many found Hashem to be their strength and support when so many others had let them down.

In An Inconsolable Mother, a heartbroken mother pleads with Hashem to give her strength to be there for her daughter, who was sexually abused by two of her brothers.

In Thank You For Ignoring Me, a Neshama recounts the many times her unanswered prayers to Hashem turned out to actually be for the best.

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In Married To Hashem, A Neshama urges women to seek strength in Hashem, instead of counting on often unreliable men.

And, in Six Letter Word, A Neshama details the difficulties of undergoing cancer treatment and the fear that she will never have children.

Find these and many other heartfelt stories by our anonymous writers at Neshamas.