Neshamas Feel Conflicted

This week on Neshamas, our writers were forced to make very difficult, often heartbreaking decisions.

In a devastating post called My Husband Raped Me… And I Stayed, a woman who had been in a loving, happy marriage was raped by her husband while he was drunk.  For now, she has decided to stay with him because he has apologized and promised to never do it again, but she remains conflicted and heartbroken.

In a beautiful post called Lips As Full Of Praise As The Expanse Of Heaven, a woman is so filled with passion and love for Hashem that others in the community often reprimand her for singing too loudly or dreaming of partaking in traditions forbidden to women.

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And, in If I Left, a Neshama has an opportunity to leave, but wonders how far away they could get before their conscience made them return.

Find these and other stories by our anonymous writers on Neshamas.