Color image of a young woman with long black hair, leaning on a wire fence, holding it with her hands and looking thorugh it with a serious facial expression.

Neshamas Feel Betrayed

This week on Neshamas, our writers lost trust in their family, friends, and religion. Many felt betrayed by the people and things they most relied on.

In My Dear Mom Friend, a woman is hurt by the fact that her dear friend’s son has been bullying her own son, with little intervention by the mother or the school.  She believes that her friend’s wealth and social status is part of the reason that the school has not stopped the bullying.

In Orphaned, a woman mourns the loss of a mother who inflicted her with years of emotional abuse.

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In The Price Of Frei-dom, a woman feels trapped by a religious life that never suited her well.

And, in My Rabbi, The Psychiatrist, a woman with emotional difficulties is dismayed by the unhelpful therapy given to her by her rabbi.

Find these and other stories by our anonymous writers on Neshamas.