Neshamas Feel Alone

This week on Neshamas, our writers dealt with feelings of abandonment and despair.

In a heartbreaking piece called No One Cares, a Neshama struggles with extreme loneliness and depression. They have given up on seeking help and wish that someone would reach out to them.

In I Stand Beside You, a Neshama details a horribly abusive childhood.  Now, as an adult, she reaches back to the child that she was and promises that she will stand by her and that things will get better.

In Cutting Ties With Spiritual Guides, a woman talks about how a teacher who originally inspired her, let her down by espousing homophobic rhetoric.

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In Sexual Compatibility, a man complains about not being aware of his wife’s disinterest in sex before he agreed to marry her.

And, in Tag-Along, a single mother deals with depression after her marriage fell apart.

Find these and other stories by our anonymous writers on Neshamas.