Neshamas Face Betrayal

This week was an emotional week on Neshamas.  Our writers dealt with issues of betrayal by friends, spouses, and therapists.

In one of the most intense pieces we’ve had on the site, called Dear Devorah, a woman describes, with eloquence and passion, the betrayal she felt when her husband and best friend had an affair.

In a searing essay called Just Release Your Anger, a Neshama feels betrayed by a therapist who tells her she should forgive the person who raped her.

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In Pearls Of Being A Wife, a woman stops looking for love and validation from men and turns to Hashem instead.

And, in Pleasure, a man writes about how he is able to separate his life as an Orthodox Jew from the fact that he takes pleasure from having sexual relationships with multiple women.

From these stories and many others from our anonymous writers on Neshamas.