Coming Soon: “Bat Ayin” – The Series

I am so incredibly excited to announce the start of a new video series, “Bat Ayin,” and the start of a new era of Hevria. You can watch me introduce it in the trailer above.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Matthew Bowman, and I went to Bat Ayin, one of the most unique communities in Israel, and shot a documentary. We weren’t sure exactly what we were going to get into, but by the end we had discovered and documented a group of incredibly unique and interesting people.

Bat Ayin is an incredible place. A place where 85% of the community members didn’t grow up religious. Where half its town lives illegally (by Israeli standards) in a location called Bat Ayin Bet, in which most of its members have built their homes with their bare hands. A place that fosters both intense creativity and powerful spiritual devotion. Even its imperfections and flaws are a source of beauty.

It is that specialness that I hope to share with you in our upcoming profiles of some of the people we met. We’ll release episodes each month, and in each installment we will tell their stories through their eyes, and bring you along for the journey.

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Please watch the trailer above! I can’t wait to show you Hevria’s latest project, coming this summer.

PS – Huge shoutout to all of you folks who donated to our Indiegogo campaign, as well as to ROI that matched $4,500 of that campaign.  Without you folks, this video would not have been possible, among so many other things!