3 Big Hevria Announcements!

Thanks to your generosity, our dear Hevrians, some hard work, as well some some fortuitous circumstances, we are happy to make 3 big announcements.

No more waiting, let’s get right to it:

1. Hevria.Academy is live!

That’s right, Hevria.Academy, our new e-learning platform is officially live and ready with 4 classes officially open for registration, and many more to come.

For clarity, just be aware that the ones that are live now are “scheduled” classes, which means they are classes which will be guided by the teacher in a more hands-on way and more communal and discussion-oriented in nature.

As we reach October and November, expect a few “self-guided” classes that are more like in-depth guides, which will be cheaper but won’t be as guided or communal (although they’ll still have plenty of discussion).

2. Guest posts are now being accepted!

Wow, it took us a year but we finally have the ability to take on guest posts (this is directly due to the Indiegogo campaign, by the way).  We are extremely excited to start this process as it helps us achieve one of the ideals that are hard to tackle when you only have regular writers: that of true plurality and community-building.

This really marks a completely new stage in our publication’s growth, a complete shift in the way we work.  From closed to open: that’s exciting.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.  But before you do, please check out our submission guidelines.  You’ll see what we’re looking for and where to send your pieces.

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3. The Hevria Birthday/Rachel Kann CD release party!

Are you in the New York City area on October 14th?  Then get pumped.  Hevria is having its first official event.  And it’s going to be a party.  Celebrating our birthday and Rachel Kann’s (who will be in town from LA!) album release. Oh yeah and we’ll also be celebrating the successful Indiegogo campaign, Rachel’s birthday (which is the next day), Rochel Spangenthal’s birthday, and I dunno, whatever else you can think of.

This is gonna be an epic bash with the most amount of Hevria writers ever to be in one place together, an open bar, and two musical performers (ePRHYME and Rocky & The Goldstein) as well as a half-hour live poetry bonanza by Rachel.  And, most importantly, this will be a party in every sense of the word.  Don’t come just expecting to sit around.  We want to get to know you.  Let’s freaking party like it’s 5699.

Tickets are $10 in advance, and $20 for tickets that include admission and a copy of Rachel Kann’s CD as well as a digital download (an $18 value, what what).  Buy the tickets ahead of time here or pay $15 and $25 respectively at the door.


Thanks so much, everyone!  To all of you who gave to or shared our campaign, you can already see the incredible effect you’re having.  To all those who care about Hevria, you can already see how much your passion has helped shape us into something so much more than we were only one year ago when we launched.

And to everyone else, you’re free to join the party!

Your ever-grateful and super-pumped fellow Hevrian,