I Want To Join The Hevra Kadisha

to be in the room
with your body

to say tehillim
dusk to dawn

voices caress
bereft flesh

to be in the room
between rest

to dream melodies
melancholy and sacred

spilling syllables pure
as white sheets

to be in the room
and know my use

to intone the holy
for your peace

not knowing you
any more than me

to be in the room,
more than us

to affirm true
words true

supreme silence
between my breaths

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to be in the room,
enduring guard

to invoke farewell,
to escort you

homebound refrain,
heart alight, aloft

to be in the room,
your last room

to love you wholly,
your last love

in holy tremors
you leave us

and I leave you.




Image by Avital Pinnick.